I have developed a deeper vision for myself. I’ve found greater ways to give and make an impact. Ayori is one of my personal heros
— Erik
It helped me surface underlying themes in my overall life and very concrete ways to be more effective overall.
— Matthew

Work Life Integrity Experience

The Work Life Integrity Experience takes participants on a journey to gain a 360 degree view of the self, starting with your values and ending with you being inspired and better equipped than ever to achieve success. 

We use patent pending tools to provide a self-assessment on your Work Life Integrity, and provide a path to gain the growth you are looking for with a Design Thinking approach using the patent pending 4D Method and the Life Model Canvas®️.

Included in the Experience:

- Life Model Design Toolkit

- Life Model Canvas®️

- Daily Rhythm cards

- Facilitator led instruction

- 1:1 coaching session

During the workshop we learned a lot about goal setting, analyzing our strengths, and identifying where we can grow. We loved learning about the Life Canvas model and how we can use it to pivot our paths and hit our goals.
— Hayley
The clarity in my personal and career life was exactly what I needed at this time and I cannot thank you enough for bringing that awareness in me.
— Hina
I am more focused and able to create actionable steps towards goal achievement. It is the perfect tool for change and growth.
— Tamu