Since 2010, we have led an effort to develop resources that can provide a Design Thinking approach to Life Strategy. Our product design process embraces the principles of the sharing economy to provide competitive, affordable and sustainable growth and development to individuals and communities across the world. We have a track record of developing diverse leaders internationally who innovate technology to benefit all of society.


What is A Life Model?

A life model is an abstract representation of a person's life, highlighting all core interrelated personal, interpersonal, and professional arrangements designed and developed by an individual or life coach presently and in the future which includes all values, goals, activities, resources, obstacles and inspirations that must be considered to achieve a 10x Life consistent with a life full of meaning, reaching your dreams and capturing your moonshot.  

A life model describes the holistic rational of how an individual creates, delivers and internalizes value in personal, interpersonal and professional contexts. 

Practical uses of a Life Model:

  • Entrepreneurs use life modeling to reach peak performance.
  • Managers inside the most innovative companies use the life model to explore develop high potential employees.
  • Women use life modeling to break through the glass ceiling.  

The process of life model construction is an aspect of life strategy. Life models are used to describe, organize and develop a person's life, but they are also used to craft new visions and break the norm. A life model is developed using the Life Model Canvas. 

what is the Life Model Canvas?

The Life Model Canvas was designed to introduce aspects of design thinking and rapid experimentation into the process of life modeling. The canvas facilitates the generation of a roadmap and strategies that can be used to develop transformative growth within your life model. The Life Model Canvas was invented in 2013 by Ayori Selassie on the back of a paper napkin.  As a successful entrepreneur and technologist in Silicon Valley from a diverse background, Ayori was inspired to develop the Life Model Canvas to streamline and share frameworks she had incorporated into her own life, enabling her to transition from the impoverished ghettos and trap lifestyle of Oakland, California in the United States to a globe trotting entrepreneur and philanthropists, working alongside Fortune 500 CEOs, Founders and top Venture Capitalists around the world. With Design Thinking in mind, the canvas is easy to use and can be leveraged by adults, professionals and young people alike to organize a holistic view of their life and leverage the same strategies that enable successful business enterprises to reach 10X growth.

The defining factor [for success] is never resources; it’s resourcefulness.
— Anthony Robbins

What We've Achieved with the life model canvas

  • Recognition & Award by the US Department of State for mentoring women and global diplomacy.
  • Mentoring youth of color in Oakland, CA, helping them craft their visions for the future.
  • Creator was honored among the 40 Under 40 for Silicon Valley Tech Diversity.
  • Developing entrepreneurs in undeveloped communities, showing them how to build plans to be resourceful in work and life. 
  • Mentoring technical women in the Middle East and Africa, helping them to bring skills and connections back to their native countries to build leaders & innovators in technology.