You are in Thrive Mode

This state means that you have clearly defined a vision of your needs, wants and desires in this area and you are actively growing toward your vision, or are at least halfway there.

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Maintain your Safety & Zeal for increased Vision: 

Observe your body language during the moments where you feel most powerful and confident, what do you do? Is there a signature movement, thought or thing that you say in celebration? Take a note to remember it so that you can engage it intentionally whenever a situation turns sour. 

Don’t think too hard about your passions, give your mind the freedom to let them rise to the surface as musings, through daydreams and imagination. It will help you to remain present and aware with your inner power.

Maintain your Method & Tribe for increased Growth: 

Take note of the behaviors that have consistently enabled you to make progress so that you can be intentional about maintaining them overtime and applying them to your new visions. Remain open to new methods as you become aware of their benefits and share what works for you with those who are interested.

Identify the relationships which have been supportive in this area of life and make an effort to demonstrate your appreciation by doing something kind for them or kind to others in their honor to pay it forward. Engage these relationships as your vision continues to increase in clarity.

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Vision Details for thrive mode

You likely have a strong sense of the future, have little difficulty in being present in the moment and experiencing joy in even simple things. Your vision may be so clear that you can picture it in your mind in vivid details, articulate it verbally with a compelling story to others, and you may have also written it down somewhere, or collect pictures and images that strengthen and remind you of your vision. 

You likely have established some practices that bring you safety and comfort that enable you the freedom to achieve such clarity of vision. This might be a benefit from a physical practice such as exercise, yoga, or breathing, a spiritual practice like meditation or prayer, it could even be a superstitious or emotional talisman like your favorite blanket or a lucky pair of shoes. Whatever it is you know what makes you feel safe in the presence of physical or emotional threats and you engage it when appropriate.

You may have connected to something within yourself of deep emotional significance that excites and makes you zealous. This can bring you a sense of meaning and cause you to feel purpose driven in this area of your life. You may or may not be able to reason about the significance, but can probably articulate what it is even if you don’t know why. 

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Growth Details for thrive mode

You are actively growing toward your vision, even if slowly. You may learn fast from mistakes and have become well equipped at changing your path quickly if you realize you cannot overcome a particular challenge - this prevents you from wasting a lot of time when the path isn’t leading you to where you want to go. Otherwise you tend to find a way to neutralize or get around most of the roadblocks that may present itself in the path to realizing your vision. 

You have likely developed methods (behaviors or habits) to define simple and attainable goals. You occasionally use a daily planner or write things down so you can focus and get things done.
You also take simple and consistent actions to progress those goals and hold yourself accountable. You may have taken additional effort to eliminate several things that take up time in your life but don’t deliver significant rewards. 

You may dedicate time on building and maintaining healthy relationships. Relationships may be brain-based where you know what’s important to those around you and you share common values or goals which enable your relationships to validate you or give you helpful direction and support when you hit obstacles. Others may look to you for inspiration as you tend to reciprocate support to others, or offer aid to others with no expectation of reward. You tend to take personal responsibility for any failure in this area of life and avoid blaming others.