Think, Don't Squeeze

To end the spiral of toxic trauma and violence in our community we must dramatically transform our behavior. We must intimately know that there is value and vision for every life. We must vision a new path forward as individuals and as a community. 

"We've been doing the same thing over and over, expecting a different result. In order to transform our community we must first transform ourselves."
- Ayori Selassie, Creator of Life Model Canvas

To transform our communities we must transform the way we view each other, our relationships, ourselves. 

Join us for 8 days of community led design thinking and action to rebuild safety, trust, connection, commitment, vision and growth that leads to community transformation in Oakland. You are invited to join us each day to listen, connect, learn and create a new vision for growth for yourself, your family and your community. Come alone or with family and friends. Bring a neighbor, a colleague, or an idea. We will shine light on the value and vision of every life in our community with design thinking action. Let's do it.


Creating Safety

Your brain's number one goal is to keep you safe, in order to establish a vision and grow toward it we need safety. 

When your brain detects an unsafe or toxic event in your life, your brain releases chemicals such as adrenalin and cortisol which signals your body to prepare to fight or flight or freeze in an attempt to keep you safe. In consistently toxic environments the brain's behavior to keep us safe can begin to harm us. Thankfully scientific research as well as ancient and spiritual wisdom has shown us that we can override our brain's default programming so that we can grow healthier and reverse the affects of toxic stress. Each day from 7-9am we will guide you through how to create a sense of safety in your mind and body by becoming present and aware of your mind, body and surroundings.

Divergent Ideas & Dialog 

Before we can transform our communities we must come up with creative solutions that are different from what we've done in the past. 

Fortunately local Stanford research shows that creative thinking improves while a person is walking and shortly thereafter, so we're going to take a page out of Jill Scott's book and take a long walk together. Each day we will walk and talk together to foster connection among the beauty and challenges that exist within our community. Through connected ideation and dialog we will gather and develop divergent solutions to our society's most pressing obstacles ranging from violence, to poverty, displacement, homelessness, hunger, illness and environmental stress.


Design Transformation

No one can act who is not prepared. Preparation is not just creating a plan, it's having a vision, being motivated, having the right abilities, and recognizing the trigger that signals it's time to act. 

In order to design a transformation for our community we must design for the intersections of life considering our personal life, our family, community and/or career. Each day we will walk you through drafting the design of your life, personal, family and community/career with the Life Model Canvas®️. Through life and environment modeling we will be prepared to discover, validate and decide the path forward for the future and build the confidence to take the leap to drive new outcomes for our community, family and personal life.