Life Model Canvas Wall Poster (Available in Card Stock & Laminated)
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The Life Model Canvas wall poster comes complete with a built in step by step guide to enable you to leverage design thinking and strategy to improve the outcomes in your life. 

Perfect for use with sticky notes on the Card Stock version or use sticky notes and wet markers on the Laminated version to write & wipe clean.

Hosting a Life Modeling party? Purchase the group pack of 10 pack at a 15% discount! Perfect for Strategists & Coaches as well.

Laminated edition is recommended for use with Wet Markers & wipe clean with water.

Available in multiple languages upon request...

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The Life Model Canvas framework is now available for entrepreneurs globally to create customized life strategy to align and achieve Work Life Integrity. Find our why entrepreneurs and leaders are raving about Life Model Canvas.

Try the canvas for FREE and follow along with the downloadable resource guide.

Life Strategy for Oakland Youth 

There is a critical gap in the STEM and workforce development services being offered to at-risk youth today, life skills and life strategy closes the gap. We've formed partnerships with youth programs to deliver Life Model Canvas training to youth in undeveloped and at-risk communities.

Join us by contributing to our campaign or sharing with your network!


1:1:1 Philanthropy Model

Reach Higher
With your purchases and our partners, Life Model Canvas gives MENTORSHIP, SUPPORT SERVICES to INNER CITY YOUTH & ENTREPRENEURS around the world. 


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