You are in Game Talk Mode

This mode means that you have a clear vision of your needs, wants and desires which excites you, however you are challenged in gaining the growth and traction to realize those visions in your life and your growth is very slow, limited or stalled.  

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Maintain your Safety & Zeal for increased Vision: 

Observe your body language during the moments where you feel most powerful and confident, what do you do? Is there a signature movement, thought or thing that you say in celebration? Take a note to remember it so that you can engage it intentionally whenever a situation turns sour. 

Don’t think too hard about your passions, give your mind the freedom to let them rise to the surface as musings, through daydreams and imagination. It will help you to remain present and aware with your inner power.

Develop your Method & Tribe for increased Growth:

Take some time to think about the small daily actions that can help you make progress. What can you do that takes as little as 5 minutes a day, where if performed consistently will add up to growth toward your vision? Remember, it’s not about big gains, it’s about small consistent gains. 

Take some time to discovering the relationships which can help you grow toward your vision. Who in your network is a good example of success that is similar to your vision or whose path mimics the kind of growth you are looking for? Ask them about their experiences and listen keenly to their stories and see what you can mirror in your life.

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Vision Details for game talk

With your vision so clear you likely have a strong sense of desire for the future. You can probably picture it in your mind in vivid details, articulate it to others with a compelling story, have written it down somewhere, or collected pictures and images that strengthen and remind you of the importance of your vision. You may struggle with being present in the moment because your excitement is rooted in the anticipation of experiences that have not yet occurred. This can sometimes get you down and you may go back and forth between being excited and feeling sadness, stress or anxiety.

You may have established some practices that return you to a sense safety and comfort when you’ve been down. This might be a benefit from a physical practice such as exercise, yoga, or breathing, a spiritual practice like meditation or prayer, it could even be a superstitious or emotional talisman like your favorite blanket or a lucky pair of shoes. Whatever it is, if you know what makes you feel safe in the presence of physical or emotional threats then you can engage it when appropriate. These practices are critical as they enable you the freedom to achieve the clarity of vision that excites others and makes them want to be a part of your journey. 

You also may have connected to something within yourself of deep emotional significance that excites and makes you zealous. This can bring you a sense of meaning and cause you to feel purpose driven in this area of your life. You may or may not be able to reason about the significance, but can probably articulate what it is even if you don’t know all the details behind why. 

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Growth Details for game talk

Your growth toward your vision is very slow, limited or stalled. You might feel like you couldn’t be any further away from where you should be and that it will take forever to make progress. If you have recently entered a new transition or have recently suffered some serious setbacks, you might be feeling stuck, stressed, confused or even depressed. You may be detracting from your relationships, or easily frustrated when you do spend time with others. Advice from others may frequently feel unwanted, and you may feel misunderstood. You may feel unsettled on the path forward to overcome the obstacles which stand in the way of realizing your vision.

You may lack motivation, ability to focus, feel and might be indul. You may be easily distracted by things like television, social media, friends or events that are satisfying in the short term, but not delivering for your long term goals.

You may be meeting interesting people who are compelled by your vision and stories but are delayed in following up with those contacts to request any engagement that produces results. When you do follow-up you may not be receiving the response you desire. You may have difficulty listening to others and their stories and experiences due to distraction, boredom or lack of interest. You may be looking to your relationships for validation and tend to avoid those who have a tendency to deliver constructive criticism. Others may look to you for fun, light hearted entertainment but abandon you when you start to get serious on any topic.