We offer the only comprehensive offering of Design Thinking for Life built on the foundation of neurological and brain research science combined with a unique and proven user experience to make it fun and easy to engage. Use our strategically developed experience, products, frameworks, and services to enhance and achieve personal, family and career success.

Announcing the Work Life Integrity Self-Assessment Mobile Web App!


Developed with the latest Integrative neuroscience research insights and integrated with exclusive advice from top minds in Work Life Integrity and Life Model Design.


Announcing Life Model Canvas®️ Online! It's What To Do Today

reduce stress, anxiety and cognitive load to solve problems better. 

Includes a built in step by step guide to enable you to leverage draft your life model and begin discovering more about your integrated life and reduce the cognitive stress related to modern busy lifestyles.  




Think, Don't Squeeze

Help us solve the American public safety crisis and spread the mission of ending violence in American communities, starting with low opportunity youth, families and rebuilding trust with law enforcement. 

Join the Transformation for Public Safety: OCT 24TH -OCT 31ST 


There is a critical gap in STEM and Workforce Development services being offered to low opportunity youth and families in the United States of America, Life Model Design services close the gap by providing critical design thinking for life skills. 

Our program combines Life Model Design with mindfulness practice to promote inner peace and safety and physical engagement to promote divergent and creative thinking to solve the American Public Safety Crisis. We've formed partnerships with youth programs and community organizations to deliver training to youth, families and law enforcement in at-risk communities throughout Oakland and the San Francisco Bay Area.

Join us on October 24th - 31st in Oakland to deliver these life changing services to Americans who desperately need it. 


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